Swiss Digital Alliance appoints Silvano Oeschger as Managing Director of its ‘OneLog' joint venture for SSO operations

The OneLog joint venture is being established with a view to developing and operating a joint single-sign-on solution for the Swiss Digital Alliance. With the appointment of its management team and the Board of Directors now at full complement, OneLog is marking a key milestone.


Zurich, 10 June 2021


From June 2021, Silvano Oeschger is taking up the role of Managing Director at OneLog, whose mission is to introduce a joint form of login technology for media companies in Switzerland. The 31-year-old is currently Senior Product Manager Technology at TX Group and prior to that held various positions at Ringier over 14 years, most recently as Senior Project Manager Data Services. He has a degree in Business Information Technology and extensive knowledge of publishing and content management. He is also an expert in digital transformation. In his new position, Silvano Oeschger will receive support from Marcus Dauck, Head Publishing Technology & Services at Ringier AG, who will be assisting the OneLog joint venture as Senior Adviser. Marcus Dauck can look back on a 30-year career in IT and has wide-ranging expertise in digital journalism.

‘The common goal of the Swiss Digital Alliance is to get as many users as possible logging in. OneLog is a tremendous opportunity for the Swiss media industry, and I look forward to playing a part in this,' says Silvano Oeschger.


Abdi Scheybani – who has led the Swiss Digital Alliance from its inception as an external overall project manager and whose deep specialist knowledge and outstanding project management skills have very much influenced the Digital Alliance project until now – will hand over to Silvano Oeschger and Marcus Dauck with the establishment of the OneLog joint venture.


The Board of Directors of OneLog reached its full complement with the appointment of Marco di Bernardo (CTO Free Media, 20 Minuten) and Christoph Zimmer (CPO Tamedia Digital Product) and, from Ringier, with the appointment of Kilian Kämpfen (Chief Technology & Data Officer) and Patrick Rademacher (Head of Strategy & Intelligence at the Global Media Unit). March 2021 had already seen the appointment of Marc Walder (CEO Ringier AG) as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Samuel Hügli (a member of the management board at TX Group) as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at OneLog.


The formal establishment of OneLog, a joint venture between TX Group and Ringier, is scheduled for the end of June. As soon as CH Media and NZZ introduce the joint Digital Alliance login, they also intend to take part in the OneLog joint venture.

‘20 Minuten users have been able to use the new login since March. This was the first step on the journey towards implementing a joint login for media in Switzerland, a project that is also attracting great interest at an international level. With the establishment of the OneLog joint venture and the appointment of the Managing Director, we are now taking the next step. I am delighted we have been able to secure the services of digital expert Silvano Oeschger as Managing Director, a man who knows the Swiss media scene very well,' says Samuel Hügli, a member of the management board at TX Group.


OneLog is building on the login software of Ringier Connect, which has been developed in-house over the past 3 years by Bernd Volf, CEO Ringier Connect, and successfully rolled out as a product. ‘I feel a sense of recognition that our in-house SSO solution has been chosen to provide the technical foundations by OneLog and will now be helping the Swiss media industry, with its innovative technology, take a giant step forward in digital terms,' says Bernd Volf.

Marc Walder: ‘The establishment of OneLog as the umbrella entity responsible for operating the joint Alliance login marks another important step for the media world in Switzerland. Users can get so much more from digital services when they are logged in. This also applies to the media industry. The media brands associated with the Alliance partners are among the leading ones in Switzerland. They need users to be registered in order to provide them with better content and better advertising products. This login Alliance is critical to the survival of independent media in Switzerland.'


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TX Group: Michele Paparone | [email protected] | +41 44 248 4192