Pension Fund of TX Group AG

The Pension Fund of TX Group AG operates as a pension fund for the employees of TX Group AG, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. You can find here its regulations, short reports of the last business years, forms, news and much more.

The regulatory benefits of the pension fund of TX Group AG exceed the statutory minimum benefits. In addition, the pension fund strives to be able to grant additional benefit improvements through substantial additional interest on savings capital.

Selectable contribution scales take into account the personal life situation of our employees and enable flexible retirement provision.

The competence and efficiency in the personal support of insured persons, employers and our retirees are of great concern to us.


Foundation Board

The Board of Trustees is the supreme body of the Foundation. It is responsible for monitoring the proper management of the pension fund. The members are elected for a term of office of three years.

Employee representative

  • Bernhard Kislig, Editor Tamedia Publikationen DCH
  • Emmanuel Marendaz, Technical Office Manager Printing Center Lausanne
  • Konrad Oetiker, Vice President, Head of Corporate Finance and Internal Control TX Group
  • Nicole Rutz, CRM Manager SMG Swiss Marketplace Group
  • Jürg Fischer, Front Page Editor 20 Minuten
  • Hanna Uhlmann, Senior Project Manager Strategy, Goldbach Group AG

Employer representatives

  • Marcel Allemand, COO/Deputy CEO Homegate
  • Annina Flückiger, Chief Commercial Content Officer 20 Minuten
  • Christine Gabella, Delegierte der Geschäftsleitung Tamedia for the French-speaking part of Switzerland
  • Joerg Salmini, Head of Banking/Treasury, TX Group AG
  • Sandro Macciacchini, President, Chief Operating Officer (COO)and member of the Group Management of TX Group

Pensioners' representative with right to be heard

  • Andrea Fischer

Assessor with advisory vote

  • Hermann Walser, Rechtsanwalt
  • Peter Mantsch, Leiter Human Resources, TX Group AG

Investment committee

The Investment Commission is responsible for implementing the investment strategy. The members of the Investment Commission are elected by the Board of Trustees.

Members of the investment committee

  • Sandro Macciacchini, Präsident, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and member of the Group Management of TX Group
  • Konrad Oetiker, Head of Corporate Finance and Internal Control TX Group
  • Urs Wolpert, Key Account Manager Goldbach
  • Luca Geiger, Head of Business Analytics Goldbach neXT AG


KPMG AG, Zürich

Expert for occupational pension plans

Kate Kristovic, federally certified pension insurance expert, LCP Libera AG, Zurich

Supervisory authority

Office for Occupational Pension Plans and Foundations of the Canton of Zurich, Zurich


Pensionskasse TX Group AG