TX Group

Supplier Invoicing

Accounting regulations

How to invoice us:

TX Group and its affiliates highly estimate its relationship with suppliers, in order to guarantee an efficient and quick processing of invoices, we are committed to improving and automating our invoice processing process. 

In an effort to make our invoicing process more efficient, since January 2021 we are only accepting digital invoices (pdf format, Ebill) sent per email. The implementation of digital invoices brings the following benefits:

  • Reduces invoice processing time
  • Provides timely notification of any potential invoicing discrepancies or issues
  • Enables quick invoice problem resolution minimizing payment delays
  • Reduce processing errors . 

Invoicing requirements

General principles
All invoices submitted to the legal entities in the TX Group must comply with the TX Group's invoicing standard. If the requirements are not met, the invoices will be returned to the suppliers.

Incoming invoices
Invoices must be sent digitally (pdf format or as e-bills) to Central Incoming Invoices: [email protected] 

Central Incoming Invoices
[Name of the legal entity in the TX Group]
Central Incoming Invoices
Postfach/P.O. Box
8021 Zurich

  • For each invoice, including attachments, one PDF file must be submitted via email.
  • The essential information must be stated on the PDF invoice.
  • The email is ignored (both the email text and the subject line).

The invoice must include the following information:

Supplier information

  • Address
  • VAT number (if available)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Telephone number / email address (optional)

Reference information: contact person in the TX Group

  • Name and/or email address

Information for account assignment. One of the following cost objects must be included on the invoice:

  • Cost Center
  • Project
  • Campaign
  • Sub-activity
  • Activity
  • Offsetting transaction number
  • PO number (if applicable)

Key information

  • Designation of position
  • Period of performance (service)
  • Number
  • Unit of measurement (if applicable)
  • Price per unit
  • Net amount
  • Tax amounts and rates
  • Gross amount
  • Currency

For uncertainty regarding invoice addresses, cost center, etc. please contact your business partner.