Doodle conducts global research to find the top countries for remote workers

Doodle analysed millions of meetings over the past three years to identify the world’s top spots for remote workers. Costa Rica tops the global ranking list, while Slovakia and Poland are the only two European countries making it in the top ten.

Zurich, 5 September 2023 - Thanks to its globally used platform, Doodle was able to use its digital exposure and meeting expertise to investigate why remote working was either growing in popularity or decreasing in certain countries since the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The examined anonymized data during the last three years resulted in a ranking of the world’s top spots for remote workers.

Costa Rica tops the global list - Open political and economic policies prove advantageous
Costa Rica leads the global results with a massive remote meeting percentage not only because it is a nature paradise. The country has been able to draw remote workers’ attention by being one of the few offering a Digital Nomad visa allowing foreigners to  live in the country for up to two years without having to pay income taxes. 

Slovakia makes it to the top three in the global list and is the country leading the ranking in Europe. Its low cost of living and central location add to the no-visa policy that EU citizens enjoy in order to live there. Poland is the second country representing the European continent by globally achieving place six.

Chile globally ranks tenth in the list. In addition to not requiring visas for US citizens living there who additionally work remotely for American employers, its capital Santiago is a global tech hub with an affordable cost of living.

Renato Profico, Doodle CEO: «Remote working is still a popular choice for many workers around the world. Our research demonstrates how different political and cultural pressures affect how people work - even when the technology is there to support alternatives. It’s likely this is only beginning because as we witness advances in AI and the desire for more automation in our working lives, countries are going to have to find new ways to support employees and compete on the world stage in a way they never have before.»

You can view the full findings from Doodle’s research here.

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