Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

TX Group: Annual General Meeting from April 3, 2020 will take place - Exercising voting rights via the independent proxy

The TX Group Ltd 2020 Annual General Meeting is taking place in accordance with Ordinance 2 on Measures to Fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19), enacted by the Federal Council. Accordingly, personal participation is not possible. Voting rights can be exercised via the proxy.

Zurich, 19 March 2020 – The TX Group Ltd Annual General Meeting will take place as scheduled on 3 April 2020, it will however not be permitted to attend in person. Voting rights can only be exercised via the independent proxy. 


To this end, shareholders can give their instructions to the independent proxy in writing, using the reply card already provided, or electronically via the web application. 


TX Group Ltd is thereby compliant with Ordinance 2 on Measures to Fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) enacted by the Federal Council, specifically Art. 6a regarding “Company meetings”. 


Michele Paparone, Senior Communications Officer TX Group

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About TX Group

The TX Group aims to create an internationally recognised network of media and platforms, providing information, orientation, entertainment and services to its users every day. The TX Group consists of four independent companies: TX Markets comprises the classifieds and marketplaces; Goldbach stands for advertising marketing in Switzerland, Germany and Austria; 20 Minuten combines the commuter media in Switzerland and abroad; Tamedia leads the paid daily and weekly newspapers and magazines into the future.