We are TX. We want to become an internationally leading and acknowledged network of digital platforms, offering people information, orientation, services and entertainment every day.

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    Revenues 2020 (CHF)

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    EBITDA 2020 (CHF)

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    EBITDA margin

  • 83.3 mn

    EBIT adj. 2020 (CHF)

  • 8.9 %

    EBIT adj.-Margin

TX People

Chief Marketing Officer 20 Minuten

Valérie Henzen

Chief Marketing Officer 20 Minuten

I joined 20 Minuten, Switzerland’s most widely circulated media title, in 2013. I’m proud to work here because it gives me an opportunity to develop myself, not just professionally but also as a person. My daily routine is very multifaceted and teamwork is a top priority for us. The atmosphere is laid-back and it often feels more like a start-up than a major corporation. Thanks to the modern workplace infrastructure and cloud-based technical solutions, we’re free to arrange our own daily routine.

CEO Car For You

Robin Simon

CEO Car For You

Every day you hear friends and strangers talking about Ricardo, Homegate and our other sites, which shows that we’re working on really relevant issues that benefit millions of people each day. What’s more, we’re not fussed about hierarchy and this isn’t a dog-eat-dog society – though you will see dogs running around in the hallway. The only things missing at TX Group are even more dogs and a music room with a drum kit and electric guitars right next to the relaxation room.

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