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Investor Day to provide knowledge and orientation on the strategic focus

Today, TX Group is holding its first Investor Day for institutional investors and analysts. The aim of the event is to provide knowledge about the TX Group and its companies as well as orientation about the strategic focus. The two strategic holdings SMG Swiss Marketplace Group and JobCloud will be highlighted; they play a pivotal role for the TX Group. The transaction, from which the SMG Swiss Marketplace Group emerged, resulted in sales proceeds of CHF 270 mn, half of which in cash. The Board of Directors of TX Group intends to distribute this CHF 135 mn to shareholders as a special dividend of CHF 4.20 per share annually over a three-year period. 

80 % of TX Group's current businesses have been developed or taken over in the last 20 years; the share of its digital revenues has increased from 2 % to 56 %. TX Group has become the Swiss market leader in its traditional business fields, which include Tamedia with its historical media brands, the free media of 20 Minuten and the advertising marketer Goldbach. At the same time, the Group has built up significant assets and holdings in digital platforms: in the SMG Swiss Marketplace Group (Homegate, ImmoScout24, Carforyou, Autoscout24, Tutti, Ricardo and FinanceScout), in JobCloud as well as in Doodle, Zattoo and various fintech ventures. 

In line with the decentralised structure implemented two years ago, the companies of the TX Group are positioned independently. In a dynamic environment, this should create favourable conditions for their further development. With quality journalism and its diverse digital platforms, TX Group wants to contribute to a free democratic society in which people can form their own opinions and have choices.

On this foundation, TX Group wants to further develop its portfolio and create sustainable value. Thereby, the two holdings in JobCloud and the SMG Swiss Market Place Group are of pivotal importance. As the leading digital company in the Swiss job market and with its stake in the equally leading "" in Austria, JobCloud is investing in the expansion of its platforms. The SMG Swiss Marketplace Group has emerged from a merger in recent months. The partners involved, TX Group (31 %), La Mobilière and Ringier (29.5 % each) as well as General Atlantic (10 %), aim to strengthen the integrated platforms in the areas of real estate, mobility, finance and general marketplaces. Financial investor General Atlantic acquired its 10 % stake from TX Group at a price of CHF 270 mn, half of which was provided in the form of a loan.

The Board of Directors of TX Group intends to distribute the resulting cash inflow of CHF 135 mn to the shareholders. As a solid basis for a stable dividend policy, the special dividend will be paid out over three years: for the financial years 2021, 2022 and 2023, the TX Group dividend will thus amount to at least CHF 4.20 per share. In addition, the dividend will be based on free cash flow.

Ursula Nötzli, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations
+41 44 248 41 35, [email protected]

About TX Group
TX Group forms a network of platforms and associates that offers users information, orientation, entertainment and assistance for their daily lives. Its roots lie in journalism with Tamedia’s diverse newspapers and the free media offered by 20 Minuten. The portfolio is supplemented by the advertising marketer Goldbach. The TX Group is the anchor shareholder of the SMG Swiss Marketplace Group and of Jobcloud, holds majority interests in Doodle and Zattoo and is involved in the area of fintech as a venture investor. The company, established in 1893, has been listed on the Swiss stock exchange since 2000.