Featured Project of the Month: The TX Tamedia Exchange conference from a product intern perspective

At the registration I already saw many familiar faces. I was very impressed by the high turnout and when I finally had the animal-themed hoodie and those fancy socks in my hands, I was too late to even get a place to sit in Werdino. The following welcome speech of the three founders of the TX Tamedia Exchange Conference was probably the best talk of the whole day. I enjoyed the playful teasing between the tracks but I laughed tears when Sarah showed “accidentally” the wrong slide when talking about diversity in Tamedia - (you know what I am talking about...).  

I had met the keynote speaker, Francesca Bria, the night before the event at the speaker’s dinner and when she waved me at the entrance I felt like I was part of something big. After all, the CTO of Barcelona and I are waving to each other now. But that feeling of being part of something bigger lasted all day - and beyond. While I walked back and forth between the stages to listen to the presentations I had been looking forward to for many days before, I was a bit proud. 

On the first half of the day I enjoyed listening to the keynote of Francesca, my good old buddy as I like to see her now (and certainly what tell my former colleagues). Seeing how technology hides behind every small thing in our lives made me feel small again,but it also emphasised the importance of exchanging knowledge at all levels. And seeing a real googlee sort of  made the mystery of them go away. Even behind google, there are just people who make mistakes and learn from them. I am glad I know that now.

After lunch my proudness step by step changed to nervousness. My talk was at 02:25pm, at around 01:00pm I felt like a jello. So I went to see the Talk by Dr. Sebastian Kernbach, “Design Your Life”, and while listening to him about how to make small steps in your life to implement change towards a specific goal, I kept asking myself why the hell I had signed up for this and if it was still possible to redesign my life and just run as far as my feet could take me. 

In the end, I really enjoyed standing on the stage. I left at least half of the information I was going to share out because I couldn’t focus on my bullet points, stammered and stuttered every now and then. But I also really enjoyed that so many people were listening to my story. They were engaging, laughing and clapping. After the talk and 10 shoulder pats and a few compliments later, I was proud as a peacock again and continued strutting through the conference.  

In the afternoon I learned how to build shit people would kill for, got a big step closer to understanding the three-letter codeword “OKR” in relation to tutti.ch, and how not to build a survey. I also realized that “RCP” is not another secret word of the product management language but simply means “random cat picture”. How could I not have seen this?!

But most amazing was to see how everything seemed to be so smooth. I had helped the organization team a little in the months before the event and was awe-struck by how much work (and enthusiasm) they put into it. The designs, the catering, the timetable, the invitations, the tech behind it, the ideation sessions, the orga-running-around-and-finding-solutions, the budgeting, the organization of helpers, the billionother things… this was a full-blown conference that rivals every other digital conference I attended - and this was internal. So seeing all this in action and then at the conference looking so easy, that was amazing. It’s like building a good product, I suppose: You try to build something that your users will enjoy without making it look complicated. And I think we all made that happen.

I’ve set the alarm on my phone in 365 days.

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