Featured Project of the Month - TX Academy: Tamedia’s educational hub - “Because sharing knowledge is the key to success”

The extended arm of the TX | Tamedia Exchange conference: a company academy for Tamedia.

From the conference we have learned that people at Tamedia enjoy sharing their knowledge just as much as they enjoy acquiring new knowledge from colleagues and coworkers. The conference is just the tip of the iceberg. We know now, the best people to teach people at Tamedia, are the people at Tamedia. Which is why the TX Academy is aiming to unleash the full potential of organizational learning. It provides a platform for in-depth exchange of knowledge. In small classes people who work at Tamedia will teach their colleagues about their field of expertise. Harry (Engineering Project Lead and the main brain behind the TX academy) says that the highest level of being an expert is being able to teach others that expertise.

After all, company academies are well proven assets for organizations. All the big ones do it, too. In order to adapt strategically to the environmental changes, an in-company learning opportunity is the best way of staying ahead of the competition.

TX academy in short: 

As we all know, there are four different, sometimes amicably competing, streams in the digital Tamedia world: marketing, strategy, technology, and, of course, product. TX academy is covering all four streams with Sarah, Jessica, Thomas and Robin in charge to generate course plans in their fields. This first year of the academy we will validate the idea behind the academy and we will learn from the first round.

If you’re a PM or want to become one  → → → 

The Product and UX courses. Learn why product is the new black..

In our first round of courses we’ve decided not to focus on specific product management tools or processes, but to start off by defining a product manager’s role and their basic competencies, from the first ideation session to the pitch of the first prototype. The course is designed for all product managers, those who want to become one, and everyone who’s interested in product management. The goal is for all participants to know at the end of the course what product management means and what tasks a product manager has to solve. All participants will have completed a low-fidelity product process together and will understand where their strengths lie and what they should continue to work on. Plus, there will be very skilled guests lecturers for every topic!

The Core Product management module is divided into the following thematic areas → →→ 

Day 1: Product Management 101

AM: In the morning of the first day, the course participants learn to understand what stands behind economic goals and how the position of the product manager is defined in the process of product development. We’ll look at the innovation cycle and behind the Jobs to be done theory. And of course we set the outline for the rest of the course

PM: The afternoon of the first day is about ideation. Marta Andreoni will tell us about ideation methods and 

then we’ll leap right into an ideation workshop. But first we need to learn about OKRs, because what’s better than ideating on our own initiatives? Micha (CPO from tutti) will help us learn about OKRs.

Outcome: Products are subject to a company goal and we learn in this workshop how to translate OKRs into initiatives.

Day 2: UX - we answer! Talking to the customer - Research & Design

AM: In the morning of the second day we will conduct interviews with guerrilla tactics on the street. Yanira from the PUX team will introduce us to different methods of UX research and then send us out there, into the wild.

PM: After we’ve gained some user feedback we’ll try to prototype a low-fidelity product. We’ll learn about the different methods of prototyping and look at a few tools that make prototyping easy. 

Outcome: You’ll learn how to get user feedback and how to translate that into a low-fidelity prototype

Day 3: Data Day & Agile Methods in Product Management

AM:  Rene, our former Chief Puxie, will give an intro to Growth Hacking. Then we’ll look into quick testing and how to validate your product idea.

PM: The afternoon is all about Scrum and user stories. After we’ve designed a prototype, quick-tested and iterated it’s now ready to be developed. We will learn how to write a good user story and how Scrum helps to transform our idea into a deployed product.

Outcome: You will learn how to quick-test your idea and how to write a user story for Scrum

Day 4: Storytelling and Presentation

As a product manager you need to convince your stakeholders. Learn how to tell a story, how to create a meaningful presentation and how to convince different stakeholders with different goals.

Outcome: You will learn how to tell an emotional story like Pixar or Disney and how to present it to the stakeholders in a presentation. 

Our vision → → → 

… to extend TX academy to be a valuable educational resource for all Product and UX across Tamedia.  In future, we want to offer small classes with hands-on approaches to specific tools and processes and create value for newbies in product management as well as senior people.

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