Doodle introduces its rebranded new self, strengthening its spot as your professional scheduling platform of choice

Thanks to Doodle’s new look, feel and technology, users can now benefit even more from its organizational capabilities when booking professional and personal meetings.

Zurich, 28 March 2022 – After being the world’s favorite group polling tool for the last 15 years, Doodle launched today a new simplified and visually attractive version designed with the ever growing multi-platform digital era in mind. 

With its expanding product suite, upgraded technology, and improved usability, Doodle now covers its customers’ growing needs, ranging from its enterprise SaaS companies through to individual users. 

As the world’s preferred “end-to-end scheduling platform”, Doodle’s cross-platform technology cuts out the extra steps required in scheduling – making it easier for individuals and teams of all sizes to share availability, set meeting context, and schedule appointments.

For example, with Doodle’s Booking Page, a user can:
-   Share a link that allows people to book time with you based on your schedule. Doodle generates the times from your availability so people always have your up-to-date calendar.
-   Let Doodle automatically send all the details including video conferencing links, calendar invites, and reminders so that everyone is set up for a great meeting. 

“Doodle has been the world’s favorite group polling tool for 15 years. But in this remote-first world, we needed to evolve Doodle's scheduling capabilities,” says Renato Profico, Doodle’s CEO. “The new Doodle, focused on professional scheduling, does just that – now finding time with the right people, data, and context is a simple step. The ‘when’ is no longer a question with Doodle; it’s an answer.”