Newspapers, and media in general, are ideal for use in the classroom. They enable pupils to engage with news in a creative and lively manner and convey current information on the topics of politics, business, society and sport. For this reason, Tamedia offers a number of tours and resources that are specially designed for pupils of all ages:

  • Guided tours in Berne provide a peek behind the scenes at a media company.
  • Guided tours in Bussigny/ Lausanne (in French) provides too a peek behind the scenes of a printed facility
  • Presently, guided tours are not provided and organized at the Zurich site.
  • The teaching material Lesen macht gross ("Reading makes you great") in German can be integrated into a lesson.
  • The Ouvrir mon quotidien ("Open my newspaper") workbook in French can be used as a teaching material in the classroom.
  • The class sets enable each pupil to receive a newspaper.

For further information about these tours and resources, please switch to the German or French page.