Category Company/Division Project Description Nominees  
Marketing Starticket Introduction of the (Un)plugged Sessions; a new format of exclusive concerts which raises Starticket's awareness Thomas Baumberger
Céline Frei
Peter da Silva
Sven Urban
  Tutti Tutti raised the top-of-mind awareness by creating creative and unexpected campaigns Hannes Neunhäuserer
Nadine Buchschacher
Samantha Sbocchi
Alexandra Müller
Winner Category Marketing
Product Digital Sales Development Growing in-app purchases of "Berner Zeitung" and "24heures" with custom alerts Isabella Wohlwend
Regula Marti
Janine Lee
Winner Category Product
  20min Creation of the new article format "Storytelling" in order to get more users from the Generation Z and Alpha Mike Herter
Selina Egger
Marcel Zulauf
  Interactive-Editorial Team Tamedia Publishing of interactive content on the digital channel of "Tages-Anzeiger" Marc Brupbacher
Kaspar Manz
Mathias Lutz
Patrick Vögeli
Technology Business Analytics Implementation of the "ATLAS Control Tower" which connects six different advertising systems Paola Valli
Christoph Butscher
Sinisa Komlen
Mattias Pancisi
  Paid Media & Distribution Introducing "Boutique" to the digital subscriber management in order to improve the checkout process Olaf Melber
Guillaume Guirado
Gregor Franzen
Ludovic Renevey
  Doodle Moving Doodle live from baremetal servers to a cloud based (AWS) Kubernetes Alejandro Ramírez
Tom Forrer
Daniele Vitale
César Gonzalez
  Starticket Implementation of the mobile Ticket-Scan-System "Yoshi V" Heinz Aellig
Felix Lübbe
Luis Mompo Handen
Ken Frank
Winner Category Technology
Tamedia Hero Advertising & Commuter Media Mike started a completely new team for social media advertising calles "tSocial" and established many products Mike Herter  
  Communication Michele organized many great events and managed to digitalize the annual general meeting Michele Paparone Winner Category Tamedia Hero

What's the Golden Cat Award?

And why is it golden?

The Golden Cat Award aims to encourage exchange among Tamedia’s divisions and portfolio companies and to share best-practice examples. The Award will be given for great performance in four categories: Marketing, Product, Technology and Tamedia Hero. What a treat.

All categories will be awarded after careful evaluation of all applications by a unique Tamedia super-digital team* at a legendary Apéro October 25th. Each team and portfolio company can apply for several categories simultaneously. Nominations for the categories Marketing, Product and Technology should be coordinated within each division/company. Nominations for the category Tamedia Hero can be made individually and by everyone.

New application Deadline: 30 September 2018

For further question please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] or check out the FAQ section below.

Lastly, but most importantly: It's golden because it looks more valuable.

*You guessed right: Marketplaces, Classifieds & Ventures


To win the first price within the marketing category you should convince us with your splendid marketing or communication initiative. Did you run a new super creative campaign, use new stunning communication channels, spot and target an undiscovered new market segment? Or else? Can you show us how it (tremendously) increased your KPIs? Then let us know how you reached that momentous influence and show us these banners, videos, print ads or other creatives.


Within the product category we’re looking for the best product improvement in the whole wide (Tamedia) world. Have you created the most white of spaces, the reddest of conversion buttons, the wildest of redesigns, the most mobile of apps or the most disruptive of product features, then you should apply. But wait, it shouldn’t just be shiny but also have a great impact. So explain what kind of improvement happened (e.g. conversion rates, user ratings, signups, groupies or else) and why it rules.


Did you build something that is so brilliantly simple that anyone can and wants to use? Technology is not necessarily only rooted in software. Did you introduce a new way of thinking that prompted your company to change the way it works? We are looking for innovative ideas and technology that had a positive impact on your business. Did it simplify your co-workers lives? Did your users rejoice at your features introduction? If so, we'd love to hear your story!

Tamedia Hero

Is a hero sitting just beside you? Is her/his cape worth seeing? Has she/he besides rescuing the world demonstrated extraordinary engagement beyond their job’s scope of activities and not only to the benefit of their own team or company, than it is the right person to be signed up! In other words: Do you have a colleague who really makes a difference, who has pushed the team, helped out in crazy times, cheered you up when servers went down, or generally speaking had a great impact on the team by being who he/she is? That's the one we're looking for!


1. How do we submit an entry?
All submissions must be submitted online via our submission tool. Should you experience problems with the submission tool, please contact us: [email protected] or [email protected] 

2. Why should we submit an entry?
We believe that we can all learn from each other by sharing best practice. So many great projects and initiatives currently do not get the attention we believe they deserve – let’s change that!

3. Who can enter?
All Tamedia as well as the digital portfolio companies are invited to submit an application. All individuals of your teams can be nominated for the Tamedia Hero award.

4. Can my division or company submit in more than one award category?
Yes, your division or company can and is very welcome to submit in more than one award category. Please note that entries for the categories Marketing, Product and Technology should be coordinated within each division / portfolio company. We will only accept one application per category from each division / company. Nominations for the Tamedia Hero award do not have to be coordinated and can be made individually by everyone.

5. Why was there no application round for the category Apps?
There was no dedicated application round for this category since the required data were already available and all portfolio companies were automatically taken into consideration. OLMeRO won this years award for their project "Skitty" and received their golden cat at the TX Conference on 14 June 2017.

6. What is the deadline to submit an application?
The deadline to submit entries for the Golden Cat Award is 30 September 2018.

7. What makes a winning entry?
Of course, this answer varies per category. In general, our judging panel gives preference to submissions that are able to show measurable and strong results, that show outstanding commitment and/or a high level of innovation. We invite you to include spreadsheets, charts, graphs and other items to visualize performance. Be as specific as possible – remember to distill the important facts clearly for the judging panel. All submissions should be backed up with clear targets, measures and results.

8. Is it possible to include spreadsheets, PDF files, pictures or videos in the application?
It is highly recommend including data sheets and/or media to support your case. Our submission tool provides the opportunity for uploads and link referrals.

9. When will winners be announced and what do winners receive?
Winners will receive a Golden Cat trophy recognizing their achievement. The trophy will be handed over at a Apéro this fall (details will follow shortly). Winners will also be named on this website and get lifelong cat-ppreciation.

10. Who can I contact for more information?
Please direct all additional inquiries to [email protected] or [email protected]