Zürcher Unterländer (Neues Bülacher Tagblatt)

The Zürcher Unterländer looks back on a lengthy tradition as the daily newspaper for the Zurich Lowlands region. With six print editions per week and a digital version available round the clock, the editorial team in Bülach covers events in the region as well as major stories about sport, society, politics, business and culture at both national and international levels. As the source of information for the region, the Zürcher Unterländer provides plenty to talk about and is also the official medium of publication for the Bülach and Dielsdorf districts. The Zürcher Unterländer is a member of the Zurich Regional Newspapers Alliance which, also includes the Zürcher Oberländer, Der Landbote and the Zürichsee-Zeitung. The publisher of the Zürcher Unterländer is Tamedia. The national media house operates in the German- and French-speaking regions of Switzerland, and it includes the country's leading editorial network.

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Benjamin Geiger

Benjamin Geiger