Why companies should invest in creating delightful experiences and products

We'll dive into the different phases of the UX maturity and show how evaluation and design techniques can drive us towards generating more value for the users. When designing digital products we should aim at answering the functional needs of users and at the same time creating a strong emotional connection with them. As a result, we can increase both the customers’ loyalty and the company’s sustained revenue growth.

Products can be benchmarked according to ascending levels of UX maturity to measure their ability to generate real value for users.

  • Level 1: Usable products are designed in accordance with basic design principles and best practices. Products focusing only on this area, offer a fairly good user experience, however, they lack any nuances that could be worked into design based on context of use.
  • Level 2: Useful products are those that enable users to accomplish their tasks and goals with ease, efficiency, and accuracy. These products are designed taking the end users and context of use into consideration.
  • Level 3: Desirable products are market leaders. They provide a relatively better user experience when compared to current competitors, and this inherently gives them an edge in the market, other factors remaining the same.
  • Level 4: Delightful products are simply awesome! Products that delight have the potential to create a cult following and inspire an exceptional sense of customer loyalty.
Source: https://uxpamagazine.org/ux-maturity-model/

The Elements of Value Pyramid

When we design we have to consider which elements of value our products and services can address to generate different types of impact on the users’ life: functional, emotional, life changing, and social impact. Read more here and here.

Research has shown that the following values are important to customers - identifying these values (or needs) can help us build better products depending on the industry.

How to design delightful products

  • Don’t focus on an MVP which is just functional, Start with emotions and values to get to an MLP (lovable) which tackles the different phases at the same time.
  • If your product or service lacks basic functionality and reliability, delightful features will likely fail to provide any sustainable benefit to your user base. If your product has only a good usability, that’s half the battle.
  • Deep Delight is achieved by well understanding users through research and building design solutions that speak to the visceral part of the user's mind, influence their behaviors and deliver great meaning.
Source: https://uxdesign.cc/surface-delight-wont-help-you-build-better-products-955be624927a

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